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GreenPL.eu Invest Group operates in three main areas of 21st century: renewable energy, innovative technology and electric mobility. Entities comprising the Group realise innovative projects with a great business potential, which bring tangible profits to us, our clients and investors.


GreenPL.eu Invest Group consists of specialised, complementary companies with common objective, which is implementing undertakings characterised by attractive return rates and minimal risk. Together we aim to expand our business portfolio, increase the scale of ongoing projects and build Group position on Polish, European and global markets.


The main Group’s asset is a team of experienced experts in implementing modern and environmentally friendly projects. We cooperate with reliable and globally known technological and financial companies and we link our knowledge and our partners’ experience in order to realise more and more ambitious projects.


Our strategic objective is to develop innovative, environmentally friendly technologies. We carry out projects from different economy branches, we prepare and implement solutions with a great business potential, gaining, at the same time, outstanding profits and driving economic and social development.


Our investments constitute a great business potential due to high profitability and effective management of technological and financial risks. The success of our undertakings is attributable to interdisciplinary team of experts, proven managing techniques and effective capital raising.


The Group has successfully implemented many development and investment projects relying on various financial sources such as: subsidies, investment funds and technological cards. We have prepared and implemented technological and investment undertakings, and partnerships in several countries in Europe and all over the world.


The success in implementation of our undertakings is ensured also by effective investment policy in a real property area. We invest in agricultural, industrial and special properties, which are characterised by attractive return rates and the possibility to realise development projects with a great market potential.